Whether you are a current client with SaaS applications or a client for whom we develop software, we offer support at the highest level.

SaaS Support

We guarantee 99.9% efficiency through our plans and service level agreements. We cover maintenance, system and application upgrades with monthly activity reports to ensure your peace of mind.

Development support

We offer the assurance of product warranty, such as full corrective support throughout the first year.

Priority Description
The system is blocked without accepting new connections or not responding, or a hardware failure has occurred with no backup system.
One or some business module fail for all your users, but you can still work.
Partial failure of one or some business modules for all users, partially preventing them from working.
Module malfunctions for some users.

User Support

We have a support programme covering Level I, end-user support, and Levels II & III, technical support. Total outsourcing so that you can dedicate yourself 100% to your business without any worries.

Management support User support Technological support
Previous management of the training action
Support and its management
Systems support
Content validation
Monthly reporting
Educational applications support
Management of the training action
Additional functions

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