We offer the best software as a service with ongoing client care and support.

Quality Software

Stability and Performance

We are aware of the need for stability in the technological solutions of our clients dedicated to education.

Therefore, we spare no effort in offering the best software as a service with ongoing client care and support.


The infrastructures we maintain for our clients range from simple deployments on a single server, to complex installations where it is necessary to provide service to a high concurrency workloads, in which we manage balancers, front ends or elastic cache, among other technologies.


We offer solutions starting at an annual cost of €5,500, which can be scaled at any time dynamically (per use) or stably (by adding infrastructure).

Functionality Comparison

Our formula is very simple. All functionalities and service for any software maintained by us.

Functionality Sakai Moodle Bbb edX Opencast LTI´s
SaaS + scalability
99.9% SLA availability
Daily backups
Monthly transfer volume: 50GB
50 GB base storage
1 Major upgrade per year
Help Desk
Personalised domain
Monthly reports
Unlimited users
50 concurrent users
New functionalities*
Data integration with third parties*
Unlimited number of courses
GDPR/FERPA compliance
Minimum plan: annual

* Additional cost to be assessed

Amazon Web Services AWS

Our technology partner to which we trust the reliability and security of our deployments, and with which we currently have SaaS environments in Miami, Paris and Ireland.

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