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LTI Automatic Asses & Certification

The tool allows students to take a self-assessment test for a given course anonymously and, depending on their final score, download a PDF certificate, integrating with the LMS via the industry standard LTI, serving from an external or client’s local server.

Mass media LTI

The LMS does not allow the teacher to send the same announcement simultaneously to all the courses in which he/she participates. The LTI developed is integrated through the API in the LMS, and creates a button from which the teacher prepares the announcement to his students and chooses the courses in which to display it with features such as advanced scheduling and editing.

Juez LTI

JuezLTI allows the integration into an LMS of an exercise module for the automatic evaluation of programming and database exercises, which relieves the teacher of the manual review of these exercises. Juez returns the exercise with the errors and marks directly to the student. It currently carries out exercises for Java, PHP, SQL and other programming languages.

Academic Programmes

The software for managing academic programmes allows stakeholders to track and validate the process of creating and modifying the institution's academic programmes, minimising the risk of errors and duplication of work.

Gradebook LTI

This LTI tool is a gradebook equivalent to the LMS grading tool where marks are scored according to the scale of the institution or country and averages are calculated on a percentage pass rate basis. Additionally it can be integrated with specific software, sending the final marks of the subjects to this system.

Multiplagiarism Checker

Middleware application for essay checking. This allows work to be submitted in line with the teacher’s anti-plagiarism preferences. It supports queue management, analysis of results or conversion of large files, among other functionalities.

Marks and Minutes

Tool to carry out student marking in different LMS. This allows you to import or create new configurations for calls, assessment methodology, marking and recording minutes.

Synchronous Lectures Manager

Solution designed to create classrooms, retrieve recordings of previous sessions, and grade course attendance activities. It can be integrated with Zoom, Collaborate and Connect, among others.


A library that takes care of all Canvas calls from the LTIs, allowing the integration of the client's customised tools with the Canvas LMS, giving it much more versatility and customisation.


Library in charge of making all Moodle calls from the LTIs, allowing the integration of the customised tools based on standards with the LMS.

Course Migrator

This allows the course structure for different titles and editions to be generated automatically, generating demo classrooms with content that is enabled sequentially as the course progresses. It also links to the enrolment system and time and methodology management according to the type of LMS element.

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