Our Company

Since 2006 we have been focused on providing quality educational technology services to our clients.

About EdF

We are a “boutique” specialising in e-Learning

We offer quality and satisfaction to our clients through our senior resources with long and unique experience in edTech. We know what to do to meet deadlines and project objectives.

Digital educational ecosystem

Our specialisation has led us to work for both corporate and open-source platforms, integrating and developing LTI solutions which complete the educational digital ecosystem.

Three continents

We currently work across three continents with clients who have found us to be the trusted technological partner for the development of their educational technology.

Member of Apereo Foundation

EdF is a member of the Apereo Foundation, dedicated to creating and developing educational technology worldwide. Our CEO is a member of the Board of Directors, our CTO is the head of Internationalisation at Sakai, and other colleagues in EdF have been awarded for their contributions to free software over the years.

Some of our successes

EdF has achieved success in the edtech market, such as the Möbius Metal award for the best edutainment application and the Expansión Award for the best institutional application, among others. However but our greatest success is having satisfied clients with whom we have been working for years.

ISO 27001

Our reliability and commitment have led us to certify our organisation to ISO 27001 and become guarantors of information security, which is, in turn, an essential requirement point for our clients and for ourselves.


We love hearing fresh ideas

We are 100% e-Learning.
We work with the next generation of educational technology.