Since 2019, we have specialised in the development of applications under the LTI standard, which allows us to complement the client's digital ecosystem.

Applications development

We develop and host apps that, integrated into Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, Moodle or Sakai, remain native on the client's campus.

Efficiency, seriousness and extensive knowledge of education

Attributes that define us and that allow projects to be carried out within agreed scopes and real objectives.

We are dedicated exclusively to educational technology with senior staff. We use good practices in project management, detailed analysis and quality software development to develop our client’s desired product.


Custom-made software

We develop custom-made software that complements our clients’ educational ecosystem.

New functionalities

We add new features to existing software.

Specific plugins

We create specific plugins with all the features that the client requests.

We integrate software

We integrate diverse software into the same ecosystem for total connectivity of both data and users.

Development Methodology

This is our development process perfected over more than 10 years.


We bring together ideas and turn them into brilliant applications to meet all needs.

Technical and Functional Analysis

We define the interaction design, user interface and requirements to carry out the project in line with the established brief.

Design and Development

We develop in an agile way, with adaptive interfaces and efficient and extensible back-end solutions.


We carry out unit tests of the software and we conduct peer-reviews to guarantee that the software will be fully functional and will not crash with third parties. We present the results and re-run definitive tests with the client.


Whether it’s a service managed in our SaaS infrastructure, or on Premise in the client's own architecture, we like to be part of the final process and see how the plans end in perfection.

Warranty and Support

All software created at EdF comes with a guarantee and corrective support as our client's peace of mind is our prime concern.

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