¿What is Wittyline?

Created on 01 febrero 2018

El Proyecto Wittyline con la participación de ENTORNOS DE FORMACIÓN  S.L., con número de expediente TSI-100600-2017-2, ha sido cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital así como cofinanciado con Fondos Europeos de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER), dentro del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2013-2016.

Objectives of the project

The overall objective is to visualize the online learning process in real time.

Educational Innovation is a catalyst for change in the educational model. Emerging technologies, new processes, new habits of society should be incorporated into the educational system. But this incorporation must be done under the guidelines of the educational innovation (TEEM Conference 2016). One of this guidelines promotes using new methodologies and technologies for distance learning.  Wittyline is forging a path in this area. Technological progress and new methodologies are incorporating various audiovisual learning resources in all fields. However, currently the main educational resource is still the written text. Despite this, it has been the great forgotten.

Wittyline makes use of new indicators, comparing the highlights made by the student with those made by the tutor and by the group on the reference text. It takes into account variables related to:

  • Analysis of the time taken (prior reading, time spent highlighting, time spent erasing, etc.)
  • Accuracy of the highlighting process (wording not in the reference text, words that match the reference text, summarising efficiency, etc.)
  • Behaviour during the highlighting process (errors, repetitions, number of times the task is put aside, etc.)

These indicators allow an algorithm to be designed that can assess, in real time, comprehension of the text and, therefore, the learning process. By analyzing group behavior, new taxonomies can then be created related to the comprehension difficulties associated with each author’s texts. This, in turn, provides the possibility of improving the texts to facilitate comprehension, and thus reduce study time.

The indicators also add value to collaborative study, since the Wittyline group operation allows students to work together by exchanging texts, summaries, notes, etc. This makes for much more reliable synthesized texts through the analysis of different selections made by the students.

So three specific objectives of Wittyline will be:

  • To evaluate reading comprehension.
  • To measure the degree of complexity of the texts.
  • To assist tutors with their decision-making.

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